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June 2020

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2 TAKE OUT | June 2020 From the Editor My Irish Catholic grandma had a favorite saying whenever things didn't go as planned: "Man proposes, God disposes." As a child, I didn't totally understand what that meant, but over the years, and especially over the last few months, it's been pretty clear that this is absolutely true, no matter how much we might try to fight it. For my family, the extra time at home these past months hasn't been all bad. I've witnessed more laughs (and fights) between my three boys. I've been reading to them a lot more. Our family can take a walk and I'm not stressed about getting back to give baths and make lunches. I don't feel rushed all the time. I'd like to keep that going into June. The poster in this issue has some ideas for how to make the next few summer months a little more Catholic. We've picked some feasts days to share, but there are a lot more ideas and feasts online at TeachingCatholicKids.com. You and your families will continue to be in my prayers. Our Lives Are Not Our Own Sign-up for our email list at http://bit.ly/TCKprayer to receive great emails with resources and downloads from Teaching Catholic Kids AND a free prayer flow chart! Follow teachingcatholickids for a positive Catholic online community sharing inspiration and information. Join our online community! Teaching Catholic .com K I DS Adobe Stock Adobe Stock June 2020 • Volume 14 Number 10 • $2.50 Publisher: Scott P. Richert Editorial Director: Gretchen R. Crowe Presentation Editor: Lindsey Riesen Editorial Team: Tyler Ottinger, Marla Overholt, Scott Warden, York Young Gospels: Sister Janet Schaeffler, O.P. Chief Marketing Officer: Jim Weigert Production Manager: Christopher Rice Chairman of the Board: Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades Copyright © 2020, Our Sunday Visitor, Inc. Editorial address: Take Out, 200 Noll Plaza, Huntington, IN 46750. Take Out® is published monthly, September-June, to support Catholic families grow in faith. To order call 1-800-348-2440. June 3 – Global Running Day/World Bicycle Day Two recognitions of physical exercise are celebrated today. Get outside and move around in the way you like best. June 11 – Barnabas Barnabas was not one of the Twelve but is named an apostle in Acts 14:14. He traveled with Paul on his missionary journeys. Imagine the hardships travelers faced back then. June 14 – Corpus Christi The body and blood of Our Lord is really and truly present in the Eucharist. Join in your parish celebration of this feast day. See more on Page 3. June 20 – Immaculate Heart of Mary Mary's immaculate heart rep- resents all the pure ways she loves God, her Son and us, her children. Pray a Hail Mary or have a private conversa- tion with her today. June 21 – Father's Day Show your dad you love him. Maybe play a joke on him. June 29 – Peter and Paul These two apostles argued some of the time, but they were brothers in Christ. Make amends with a brother in Christ that you may have had a disagreement with. Celebrate! Celebrate! June

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